Consumer Journalism (B2C):

"Blood Oath" By Blair R. Fischer

"Pearl Jam Up Late, Weather Rain Delay at Chicago's Wrigley Field" and "Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye Visit America" by Blair R. Fischer

"Malice in Chains?" and "Pearl Jam, Robert Plant Unite Onstage" by Blair R. Fischer

"Mariah Showcases Eminem Puppet, Avoids All Things Glitter at Chicago Tour Stop by Blair R. Fischer

"You Shook Me All Night Long," "Never Say Goodbye," "Java Jive" and "Exhuming Will Owsley" by Blair R. Fischer

"Hootie-d Out,"  "A Limp Bizkit By Any Other Name..."  "Imitation as the Snidest Form of Flattery" and "The Ataris: More Than a Catchy Name,"

"Providing Solutions for the Caring Economy" and "Flights of Fancy" by Blair R. Fischer

"Hey, Weird Al Yankovic: I Have an Idea For a Song..." by Blair R. Fischer


Business Journalism (B2B):

"It's Too Late to Save Toys R Us, But There's Still Time for Other Vulnerable Brick-and-Mortar Stores"

"Idea and Concept Screening--Done Correctly--Plays a Critical Role and That's Why It's SOP for Savvy Innovators and Developers."

"What's Driving Kids to Love" By Blair R. Fischer

"The Fragmented TV Audience: Insight on What TV Shows Millennials Watch and How" and "Debit Is Gaining Popularity Among Millennials: Should Credit Card Marketers Be Worried?" By Blair R. Fischer

"Customer-Centric is the Utilities' Future Benchmark", "Social Media Can Be a Beneficial Medium for Consumer Advocacy" , "Customers Choose the Bank for Problem Resolution" and "Utilities Should Engage With Customers in Channels They Determine Ideal (Ghostwritten)" By Blair R. Fischer

"Thanks to Digital Media, Kids Are Growing Up Faster" and "The Biggest Key to Earning Consumer Passion" by Blair R. Fischer